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[MEET KOREA'S STAR OLYMPIANS: mini feature] Gold Medalist in Covid Olympics, Sander Roomer of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee Updated: 2021-08-23 17:06:25 KST

Tokyo's spectacular early evening skies, as the light fades and the energy-sapping heat and humidity of the day starts to ease, is one of the things that many visitors to the city this summer say they will miss most.
But with the sun having set on a Games like no other, thoughts are now on how one of the most controversial sports events in modern history will be remembered in years to come.
Every Games is different of course. But Tokyo 2020 was truly unprecedented. Regardless of the undoubted sporting drama that unfolded during the 17 day period, it will always be the Covid Olympics. The first such event to be staged since the start of the pandemic, the first to take place amid a state of emergency, and the only one to be stripped of spectators.
Right here on Newscenter, we've been with Korea's Star Olympians from this year's Games, but our guest tonight is the one who athletes and staff on Team Korea praise as their Star Olympian, the true gold medalist of the Covid Olympics.
Let's bring in Sander Roomer of the International Relations Department of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee.
Sander, great to have you on the show.

So, athletes and staff on Team Korea call you the true gold medalist of this year's Covid Olympics.
What was your role at Tokyo 2020 this year? What were your responsibilities?

Have you always been interested in Korean sports? How did you end up working for the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee?

Leading up to and during the Olympic Games, how was the overall atmosphere at matches and competitions as well as at the Olympic village?

Team Korea managed to finish the Olympics without a single coronavirus case. How did the NOC work with the IOC and the organizers on the ground in Tokyo to ensure the South Korean national team remained Covid-free?

What were some of the biggest challenges in keeping everyone safe at the Olympics? Were there strong enough Covid safety measures in place at the Tokyo Games' venue? What about the Olympic bubble?

Between handling all of the athletes' daily Covid tests and keeping everyone up to speed on the Covid regulations, did you get a chance to go see an event and enjoy the Olympics a little bit?

Do you have any interesting or most memorable episodes from the Tokyo Games this year that you would like to share with us?

Now that this games are over, what are your plans from here forth?

Sander Roomer of the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee for us tonight. Thanks, Sander.

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