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Typhoon Omais to hit South Korea; starting Mon. Updated: 2021-08-23 17:03:56 KST

Good evening. We begin with news of the 12th typhoon of the year making its way up toward the Korean Peninsula.
Typhoon Omais, packed with heavy rain and gusty winds, is expected to pass over the island of Jeju in less than an hour from now and make landfall on the southern tip of the peninsula later tonight.
Our Choi Wonjong is following the typhoon's path - he's live on the line.
Wonjong, bring us up to speed.

Conn-young, Typhoon Omais is slowly making its way toward South Korea right now.
According to the national weather agency, as of 5 o'clock this afternoon, the typhoon was around 1-hundred-38 kilometers southwest of Jeju Island slowly moving at 47 kilometers per hour.
It's showing a pressure of 9-hundred-98 hectopascals and a max of wind speed of 65 kilometers per hour.
It's expected to make landfall on Jeju at around 9 PM and pass over the island overnight.
That will mean torrential rainfall of more than 70 millimeters per hour along with thunder and lightning until Tuesday.
By midnight, it'll be near the city of Yeosu on the mainland and by Tuesday at 6 AM, the typhoon is expected to have cleared the Peninsula to the east.
The officials from the weather agency also mentioned depending on the pressure of the typhoon the route could change throughout the night.
And, I'll point out that Typhoon Omais is not projected to make a direct hit on the Seoul area, but it will bring some rain through Tuesday.

There are weather alerts issued in parts of the most affected regions as the typhoon will surely bring with it heavy rain and strong winds.
Which parts of the nation are under special alerts?

That's right.
Busan, the southern port city, is expected to be hit with heavy rainfall of more than 70 millimeters per hour and as much as up to 4-hundred millimeters until Tuesday.
That's why the local government in Busan decided to activate its emergency prevention system on Monday, alerting people about potential damage from flooding, strong winds and landslides.
Also, on Jeju Island, the heavy rain has already caused flights and ferries to be canceled.
As of 4 PM, more than 50 flights have been canceled, and another 18 flights delayed.
The airport officials urged customers to double-check their flight info, as strong wind continued until Tuesday.
Meanwhile, South Korean President Moon Jae-in today urged each local government to stay alert and minimize the damage as much as possible.
Moon also stressed the importance of making sure that each COVID-19 testing center and vaccination center is able to operate.
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