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Tokyo 2020: What countries offer athletes for winning Olympic medals Updated: 2021-08-11 17:11:59 KST

Making the podium in the Olympics can mean even more than glory.
In some countries, it means a jackpot literally.

Singapore gives out the most cash more than 700-thousand U.S. dollars for every gold.
That's 20 times the prize in the U.S.
Malaysia also stands out.
It gives more for a bronze than Australia or Canada give for gold.
The gold prize in the Phillippines ended up much bigger this year than the official amount.
Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz is the first gold medalist in her country's history.
She reportedly received around 600,000 dollars along with two homes and free flights for life on AirAsia.

China, though, does not allow cash prizes, citing the risk of corruption.

And Russian athletes get a pension.
But officially, they were not able to represent their country or play their national anthem because Russia was previously found to have engaged in systematic doping.
South Korea's podium prize might be the most practical.
In addition to financial compensation, male winners are given an exemption from military service.
That's happy news for archer Kim Je-deok and gymnast Shin Jea-hwan.

And South Korea's archers will get an extra prize from their long-time sponsor Hyundai Motor Group.
An San is getting around 600-thousand dollars for her "triple crown".
Kim Je-deok with two gold medals 350-thousand dollars.
Others will get half of that each.
And of course they all get a nice new car.

Prizes are given also to those who did not make the podium but who still made history.
Those include swimmer Hwang Sun-woo, who broke the record for Asia.
High jumper Woo Sang-hyeok who set a new national record.
And the volleyball team, who demonstrated the Olympic spirit.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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