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Tokyo Olympics Near Close As Covid Cases Surge: Live from Tokyo: Philip Crowther of AP Updated: 2021-08-06 17:19:26 KST

Good evening. We begin this Friday night with the Tokyo Olympic Games that wind up this weekend.
As the international sporting event takes place in Tokyo, new cases of Covid continue to be identified at the Games, and across Japan.
Infection numbers have been climbing for some time, and there's a state of emergency in place in Tokyo and five other areas until August 31st.
2020 Tokyo Summer Games amid skyrocketing coronavirus cases in Tokyo and across Japan.
Philip Crowther of AP International joins me live from the Tokyo Olympic stadium.
Philip, glad to see you're safe and well.

Tokyo reported another 4,5-hundred-15 Covid cases today following a record day of more than 5-thousand cases yesterday which was its highest-ever daily increase since the pandemic began.
We're now nearing the end of the Games with the Closing Ceremony slated for Sunday evening.
How have the Games or athletes been affected by the rise in Covid cases?

What are Covid preventive measures like at game sites? For instance, how is wrestling or competing judo in a pandemic Olympics different from any other Olympic Games? What about team sports and how about the pools?

I'm sure this is the first time for most, if not all, media and journalists there to cover an international sporting event of such scale amid a pandemic. How has it been covering the Games on site?
Have you felt any limitations or restrictions?

Are you sensing any concern among the Japanese people as well as among international athletes and supporting staff there that this Summer Games could or have already become a superspreader event in terms of Covid?

IOC President Thomas Bach thanked the Japanese people, the government and Japanese athletes for the success of the Olympic Games citing that nine out of 10 people have tuned in to watch parts of Tokyo 2020 in the host country.
What's the general feeling in the Olympic Village among athletes and media?
How successful of an Olympics is Tokyo 2020 turning out to be?

Philip Crowther of AP international live for us from the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games. Thanks Philip.
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