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Tokyo 2020: What happens to Olympic athletes who test positive for COVID-19? Updated: 2021-07-27 17:09:50 KST

A mask mandate, daily testing, no sightseeing, and a ban on using public transportation.
Despite the strict measures in place for athletes at Tokyo 2020, COVID-19 has still managed to invade the Olympic Village.
On Tuesday, the organizers confirmed two more infections among athletes, bringing the total to 18.

But what happens to them, after testing positive for the virus?
First of all, they are not allowed to compete and will be sent to a designated hotel.
They will be marked down as “DNS" or did not start, instead of being disqualified.
And their minimum scores up until the point where they tested positive will be protected.
Meanwhile, the tournaments will proceed as normally as possible,
with the next best placed athlete or team from the preliminary phase, taking their place.
But specific regulations vary among sports.
For example, in basketball, the final match will be canceled, with the withdrawing team receiving silver and their opponent gold.
It's a similar rule for individual events like Judo or tennis, where the opponent receives a bye.

As for athletes who come into close contact with a patient, Olympics health officials will decide how to proceed on a case-to-case basis.
The panel will consider certain factors such as the person's vaccination status and their likelihood of spreading the virus.
Athletes are also required to return negative results from daily swab tests.
Even if given the all-clearthe athletes will be sent to private accommodation or be separated during training.

And,..out of precaution,. the mask mandate remains in place during the medal ceremonies.
But a new policy allows them to remove them briefly on the podium, for a photo opportunity.
But social distancing should be kept, and they need put their masks back on, when group photos are taken.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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