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Robots being developed to help elderly with daily tasks while providing emotional support Updated: 2021-07-09 13:35:56 KST

This is Grace.
She's a humanoid robot built to help the elderly and those isolated since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Created by the Hong Kong team of Hanson Robotics, Grace can measure your temperature with a thermal camera and speak to you in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

"I can do all kinds of things for elderly people. I can visit people and brighten their day with social stimulation, entertain them and help guide exercise, but also can provide talk therapy, take readings and help healthcare providers assess their health, and deliver treatments."

But, Grace's biggest feature is that she can express emotions.
Founder David Hanson said Grace has 48 major facial muscles that enable her to make different facial expressions.

"Hey, Grace, why don't you look at my face, thank you, and I am going to show you a smile and let's see what your smile looks like. Okay, or sad. Oh, yes, reacting a little sad if I feel pain. Maybe imagine a big loud noise happens.. bam."

This facilitates trust and engages users to feel as if they are interacting with humans.
Grace is set to be fully deployed in parts of Asia by next year.

The demand has been rising for robots that can help humans.
That is why Nicolas Carlesi created the "Jellyfishbot."
The Jellyfishbot eats trash in the sea.
It is a robotic sea-cleaning boat that sucks plastic bags, empty bottles and surgical masks from the water.
Around the size of a suitcase, this robotic boat can even pick up trash from the narrow spaces cleaners with nets cannot reach.

"I've always seen manual methods, people carrying nets to collect trash, and I've told myself, 'I have a doctorate in underwater robotics,' and when I finished my doctorate I thought, 'Why not make this quite tedious and thankless work of collecting trash easier?'"

The Jellyfishbot can go anywhere,…making not only the earth greener, but also the lives of cleaners much easier.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.
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