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S. Korea's tech giants developing next generation of AI language models Updated: 2021-06-24 09:52:21 KST

South Korea's tech giants are working on developing an advanced 'AI language model' a system capable of analyzing and using datasets.
Last month the country's biggest web service operator, Naver, unveiled its own language model called 'Hyper-Clova'.
The model can write e-mails and answer questions in Korean.
If you ask a question and tell it to explain the answer in a simple way, it will do just that.
The software engineer in charge of developing this says it was trained on a massive amount of data almost as much as GPT-3 one of the largest AI language models ever trained in the world.

"Our model was trained on datasets of 560 billion tokens which is similar to the amount that GPT-3 was trained on. This is about 50 years' worth of news articles."

Right now it's used by the Naver search engine to provide a wider range of suggestions to users.
It helps out users when they don't know how to spell something, or when they don't know the right words to use.
The platform isn't available to the public yet but Naver plans to provide its services to small and medium-sized companies, creators and startups.
It also hopes this service will help provide some level of companionship for lonely seniors like as a conversation partner.
LG also announced last month that it's going to invest more than one-hundred-million dollars over the next three years.
It aims to develop a program that contains six-hundred billion parameters three times larger than GPT-3 by the end of this year.
One of the country's largest telecom operators, KT, also recently established an AI research institute with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, or KAIST to develop its own AI model.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.
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