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S. Korean high school seniors, teachers, over-50s first in line to get COVID-19 shots in Q3 Updated: 2021-06-18 10:30:41 KST

In the third quarter, South Korea will be expanding its COVID-19 vaccinations to the rest of the public,aged between 18 and 59.
Some 22 million people will get at least one dose,helping South Korea reach the target of 70 percent of its population by the end of September the threshold for reaching herd immunity.

First in line,..are high school seniors,who will get the Pfizer vaccine starting on July 19th.
Teachers over the age of 30 will be next,and will get either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine,starting on July 26th.

"By vaccinating teachers,schools will mark the start for the country's journey back to normalcy. And with vaccines we aim to help high school seniors so they can prepare for college safely."

Also in July,the over-50s will be vaccinated.
Reservations can be made in phases, starting with the oldest.

Then starting in August, inoculations will be expanded to those below 50.
For this age group, whoever books first will get their shots first.
But to make sure nobody is left out, the government will dispatch mobile vaccination teams or carry out on-site inoculations at factories which operate around the clock.

As well as those getting their first vaccination doses, major second-round inoculations are scheduled for July,..for those getting the AstraZeneca shot.
But due to a vaccine arrival delay.. their second doses will be Pfizer.
It's may not be optimal,but authorities say it's safe and effective.

"There is an increasing number of mix-matched vaccinations being administered overseas, and studies show meaningful results,like high levels of immunity and safety,as well as protection against variants."

Before these plans officially start, in early July authorities will inoculate those over 60 and other priority groups from the second quarter who were unable get their shots.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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