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Large-scale retrospective exhibition on Pablo Picasso; 'Massacre in Korea' shown for first time Updated: 2021-05-12 13:31:20 KST

The largest Pablo Picasso exhibition to be held in Korea, featuring 110 works, is taking place at Seoul Arts Center.
This exhibition marks the one-hundred-40th anniversary of Picasso's birth,… and under the exhibition title "Picasso, Into the Myth",… it chronologically showcases his works starting from the early 19-hundreds.

“The centerpiece of this exhibition, one of the legendary artist’s must-see pieces, is “Massacre in Korea". Shown for the first time in Korea, the piece is said not to be based on a particular scene in the Korean War, but rather was painted to show the brutality of it."

A stark contrast between ironclad soldiers pointing weapons toward helpless civilians shows the terror of war.
Known as one of Picasso's three anti-war masterpieces along with "Guernica" and the "The Charnel House", the piece was completed in January 1951 six months after the start of the Korean War.

"Unlike other anti-war paintings, this was completed during the on-going war, and also while two other anti-war pieces used black-and-white, "Massacre in Korea" is shown against a green background, delivering hope."

When it comes to Picasso's art, women gave the artist great inspiration.
Marie-Therese Walter who was one of Picasso's muses appears in three figure paintings in the exhibition. which depict the time of her youth as well as when her relationship with Picasso was moving toward an end.
Picasso's art world touched upon every genre of art. The Vollard Suite shows a series of one-hundred etchings, and some of Picasso's ceramics, which opened up art for the general public, are also on display.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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