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Extreme winter weather with heavy snow and icy chill Updated: 2021-01-07 05:42:19 KST

South Korea is experiencing a serious chill today.
Lots of snow and sub-freezing temperatures.
Let's go over to the weather center for more details.
Jeehyun, this seems like the peak of the winter chill?

Good morning, Mokyeon. Cold wave alerts are pretty much in place everywhere with a cold wave warning in Seoul for the first time in three years. Jeju is under a cold wave warning for the first time in 57 years. It's an extremely cold day for most of us.

What really worries us is the heavy buildup of snow. It started last night in Seoul with about 4 centimeters piling up, while mountainous regions on Jeju saw over 40 centimeters. Right now, snow is falling on the Chuncheong-do and Jeolla-do provinces as well as Jeju, which is under a heavy snow advisory.

West of Jeolla-do Province will see 30 centimeters more snow, Ullengdo-and Dokdo will see heavy snow from this afternoon so be extra careful on the roads. The roads will be covered with ice and snow.

It's going to be a chaotic morning commute with snow and icy cold weather, travel with care. It feels a lot colder than what thermometer is pointing at, with the wind making it feel like minus 21 degrees Celsuis in Seoul so bundle up.

Even in the afternoon, it won't feel much milder. Stay warm and safe today.
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