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COVID-19 accelerates the process of digital transformation Updated: 2020-11-27 17:05:44 KST

Artificial intelligence was once the future, now it's already becoming a huge part of our daily lives.
The presidential committee on the fourth industrial revolution held a conference on Friday to discuss global policy trends.

"Artificial intelligence is like the invention of electricity. It will quickly become part of our daily lives, as if we are using it to make a call or turn on the lights. So, without artificial intelligence or fourth industrial revolution technologies, we will feel lost."

Futurists, artificial intelligence experts and ambassadors to South Korea gathered to talk about the pandemic's impact in terms of digital transformation.

"But COVID-19 has represented an opportunity for companies, governments and other organizations to embrace the technologies that were already there."

Four areas in particular have grown due to the pandemic: remote work, online education, e-commerce and telehealth.
Remote working could mean people will move to smaller cities where the cost of living is more affordable.
And, online education will give more people opportunities to learn, which leads to economic and social benefits.
Artificial intelligence scientist Yoshua Bengio claims that a proper policy should be set before AI is widely used.

"We have to remember that AI is a tool made by humans. It can be used both for positive social value or it could be misused, for example, to increase one's wealth or power."

To prevent the misuse of artificial intelligence, he believes that the use of such tools should be governed by collective needs, locally and internationally.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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