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Well-known actor Park Sang won's monologue 'Der Kontrabaß' on stage Updated: 2020-11-21 09:07:35 KST

Due to the pandemic, it can be challenging for performers, with the need to maintain social distance.
That's not the case for Park Sang won who takes to the stage all by himself.
Kim Bo-kyoung provides a sneak peek of his monodrama.
Only one actor is performing, yet his acting makes the stage seem full.
It has been almost 42 years since Park Sang won started out as an actor, and now he is challenging himself to do something new: the monodrama.
A theatrical piece played by a single actor, a monodrama is often considered a mountain to climb for actors Mount Everest for Park Sang won.
His performance is based on 'Der Kontrabass', or 'The Double Bass', by German writer Patrick Suskind, who is best known for his novel 'Perfume'. But Park worked on the monologue for more than three years to make it his own.
"Suskind's works are popular in Korea but the works are very metaphorical so I had difficulty in changing a literary piece to become theatrical."
The story depicts the sorrow of the protagonist who plays the double bass in a public orchestra.
He has great pride in the instrument, yet the fact his playing is marginalized and he stands at the end of the row in the orchestra makes him lose his confidence.
To show the main character's unsociable lifestyle, Park brought his own furniture such as his worn-out chair and analog record player.
Yet as the play goes on, this excluded, timid man builds up his courage and decides to confess his love towards a beautiful soprano.
The actor says such drama along with fitting music could deliver hope to those who feel excluded.
"The drama starts with Brahms' Symphony No. 2 Allegro non troppo meaning fast, but not too fast as if to depict the character's timid and cautious manner. It ends with Schubert's Piano Quintet Allegro vivace fast and faster showing his brave decision."
The show runs until November 29th at Seoul Arts Center and the actor says he is going to keep pushing harder to portray the alienated artist's life.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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