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France-Turkey row spreads into Europe-Muslim tensions over controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammad Updated: 2020-10-29 10:02:40 KST

Iranian protesters gathered outside the French embassy in Tehran on Wednesday.

Sparking their anger was French president Emmanuel Macron's recent defense of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad which they consider to be blasphemous.
The protestors burned photos of him and called for a boycott of French goods.

"The things we are importing from France right now need to be embargoed. We can't use the products of people who are insulting us."

The Iranian president made comments supporting the movement, sending a message to Westerners who he said should understand what the Prophet means to Muslims.

"Disrespecting a prophet is not an art, it is immoral. It is an encouragement of violence."

On the same day, protesters in Pakistan also rallied at the French consulate, burning effigies of Macron and chanting "Down with the French president" and "No compromise on Prophet Muhammad's dignity".
Police had to erect barricades and block the street leading to the site.
In the meantime, in Palestine, Muslims and Christians held a joint rally, condemning Macron's remarks as an offense to justice and equality.

"We want to give a lesson for religious co-existence and human tolerance that Bethlehem represents with its Christians and Muslims."

The growing tensions first began when the Turkish president criticized Macron and other European leaders for supporting an anti-Islam agenda.
The French president had declared war against radical Muslim "separatism" after a teacher was killed by an Islamist for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
Amid escalating tensions between France and the Muslim world, concerns are growing that it could turn into a greater global row.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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