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Home fitness gaining popularity amid COVID-19 Updated: 2020-10-21 10:20:20 KST

25-year-old Yang Da-hye has become a so-called 'home gymer'.
With the COVID-19 pandemic meaning she spends more time at home, she has turned to virtual workouts.
She now starts her day off by deciding what exercises to do, and then does five to six routines every day.

"Home fitness is more convenient and easier to fit into your daily schedule not to mention it's private and less expensive. The fear that any other virus could spread even after COVID-19 makes me want to keep this 'home fitness' as a consistent habit of mine."

Just as how the home has become a fitness center for some, others have turned it into a place for creation.
By drawing the curtains, the living room becomes a studio set for these twin influencers.

"Feeling down over coronavirus?"
"Let's fight this pandemic with some fun dance moves "
"Until the end you can do it "

The popularity of home fitness videos has prompted influencers to focus on related content.

"In a way, everyone has a home. We could rent a studio but we wanted to show us working out in normal, everyday life so that exercises seem more accessible. All you need is your body, and a simple mat."

Calm and relaxing yoga is grabbing people's attention as well.
Named 'Yoga Boy', a yogi YouTuber living in Michigan runs online streaming sessions to help subscribers feel like working out together.

"I try to communicate with my subscribers as much as possible. I respond to questions regarding difficult positions, or put people's requests or ideas into the content I create."

And to stay motivated and accountable while exercising at home, people have created 'virtual groups'.
As more people recognize that they can have access to famous instructors and a workout without the commute, all at a much lower price the trend is to be a new mainstay in personal fitness even once the pandemic is over.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.
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