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Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong released shortly after arrest Updated: 2020-09-25 05:39:01 KST

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been released on bail following his arrest over protesting last October, and for violating the anti-mask law at the time.
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Mok-yeon, pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong was released on bail on Thursday, just a few hours after he was arrested.
Wong had been arrested for participating in an unauthorized assembly in October 2019 which was attended by thousands of people.
He was also accused of wearing a mask at the time, violating the anti-mask law, which banned people from covering their faces during protests.
Wong vowed in a video after his release, that he will continue to resist.

"I have no regrets at all, because the threats can't defeat us, make us even stronger determination. I still realize that that's my responsibility, duty, and mission, let the voice of Hongkongers be heard, and that's the reason for me continue the fight. And I realize there's no reason for us to give up."

Many activists in Hong Kong are facing unlawful assembly charges related to last year's pro-democracy protests, after Beijing imposed the national security law at the end of June.
Wong, now 23-years-old, was just seventeen when he became one of the most high-profile figures of the Umbrella Movement democracy protests which took place in Hong Kong in 2014.
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