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0914 K-UNESCO Adventurers Updated: 2020-09-14 17:18:50 KST

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Marcella - Hola queridos amigos
Mika - Hey, what up everybody
Camellia - As-salamu alaykum
Sam - Akwaba
Belle - Mabuhay. Hello everyone
Nansi - Zdraveite priyateli
Meggie- Hi
Seba - Hola

Marcella - My name is Marcella. I’m from Brazil.
Belle - From the Philippines.
Sam - Ghana.
Nansi - From Bulgaria.
Mika- From Tanzania.
Meggie - From the U.S.A.
Seba - Chile.
Camellia - Morocco.
Marcella - And we are
Everybody - K-UNESCO Adventurers

South Korea

A country of history, culture, architecture, food and technology.

For this project,

we gathered the 8 best adventurers
to take you to some unforgettable journeys around Korea.

So here they go

Mika - I've heard that we'll be visiting so many traditional and historical places in Korea.
Belle - We have Seocheon.
Meggie - Changdeokgung.
Camellia - Anseong.
Marcella - Gongju, discovering palaces, temples, nature, experiencing traditional crafts, foods, drinks, oh my god This is the whole package
Mika - Just got to get out of here right now, I'm late.
Marcella - Stay turned on our Youtube channel and discover Korea with us. Bye
Belle - Don't forget to wear your mask.

How does Korea look through the eyes of foreigners?

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