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Reports say N. Korea continues to enhance ICBM capabilities Updated: 2020-08-05 10:00:38 KST

Various reports suggest that North Korea is continuing to enhance its ICBM capabilities, and has developed miniaturized nuclear devices that can fit on the warheads of its ballistic missiles.
The commander of U.S. Strategic Command said on Tuesday, that North Korea is continuing to develop nuclear weapons and missile systems.
Speaking at the virtual Space and Missile Defense Symposium, Admiral Charles Richard stressed that the regime's illicit pursuit of nuclear weapons, and its ICBM tests over the last few years pose a threat to the U.S.
His remarks come one day after Reuters, citing a confidential UN report, said that several countries believe Pyeongyang has developed mini-nukes that can be mounted on ballistic missiles.
According to the UN report submitted to the UN Security Council North Korea sanctions committee on Monday, North Korea's past six nuclear tests had likely helped in developing miniaturized nuclear devices.
It also said that one country, which wasn't named, claimed that the regime may seek to "further develop miniaturization to potentially develop multiple warhead systems."
Following the news, South Korea's defense ministry pointed to its 2018 defense white paper and confirmed that North Korea appeared to have developed miniaturized nuclear devices to "a considerable level", adding that it has been monitoring the regime closely with the U.S.
Reports regarding the issue were pouring out last month as well.
The U.S. Congressional Research Service said in a report in July that there's evidence to suggest North Korea has achieved the level of miniaturization that allows nuclear devices to be mounted on both short-range ballistic missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Japan also said in its defense white paper last month that North Korea appears to have the capability to launch an attack against Japan with a nuclear warhead.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.
Reporter : jhee@arirang.com
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