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President Moon calls for parliamentary cooperation to pass third extra budget bill swiftly Updated: 2020-05-28 17:08:48 KST

At the nation's top office today,
President Moon Jae-in held a luncheon with floor leaders of the country's two largest political parties ahead of the opening of the new National Assembly.
On the table: overcoming the economic crisis triggered by COVID-19,.. the swift passage of the government's third extra budget plan and bibimbap for unity.
For more, our senior Blue House correspondent Kim Min-ji is on the line.
Min-ji, I understand it was a friendly atmosphere with the president calling for a more regular sit-downs?

Yes, you're right.
The talks, which came at the request of President Moon Jae-in, lasted about two hours.
Moon invited Kim Tae-nyeon of the ruling Democratic Party and Joo Ho-young of the main opposition United Future Party to the Blue House to hold candid discussions on state affairs.
It was the first meeting with the floor leaders at the top office since November 2018.
Moon stressed the importance of cooperation with parliament, first and foremost.
Here's the presidential spokesperson.

"President Moon said that holding frequent casual meetings amongst the three sides could be a good first step toward cooperation. He stressed that unlike the past when they met only to resolve matters of controversy, it's important to meet up regularly and discuss state affairs."

During the talks, Moon stressed the need for the swift passage of the third extra budget proposal, and employment-related bills to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.
He also called for cooperation so that a special investigative body to probe corruption among high ranking civil servants can launch in July as scheduled.
Moon also called on the top office to review the proposal of a minister being placed in charge of political affairsto step up cooperation with the opposition parties as suggested by Joo.

The floor leaders of the ruling and main opposition parties held briefings of their own.
Joo said that his party is willing to cooperate if the ruling party and top office considers them as partners.
He also vowed full cooperation to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, calling on the government to reveal specifically how the extra budget will be spent.
I will have the details of that and another statement from the top office in response in our later newscast.
Back to you Conn-young.

Our Kim Minji at the top office. Thanks, Minji.
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