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Kim Jong-un presides over key party meeting to discuss increasing nuclear deterrent Updated: 2020-05-25 17:02:55 KST

After another several-week absence, Kim Jong-un made a public appearance at a Central Military Commission meeting of the Workers' Party of Korea.
Photos of Kim talking in front of his top military aides were released by the North's Korean Central News Agency on Sunday.
The photos showed Kim using a pointer to explain something displayed on a big TV screen that is blurred out.
KCNA reported that Kim was outlining "new policies for further increasing" Pyeongyang's nuclear deterrent.
It added that some crucial measures for considerably increasing the firepower of the North's artillery were taken at the meeting.

"Kim Jong-un is trying to send a very strong message to President Trump to remind him Kim Jong-un's last year's threat that he would make an ultimate decision regarding North Korea's provocation stance."

One of the threats that Pyeongyang had on the table throughout last year was that it would demonstrate a new strategic weapon, which Doctor Go and many other experts speculate could be an ICBM or an SLBM.

"Even though the picture was blurred, probably North Korea is trying to showcase a new long-range missile."

South Korean intelligence is closely monitoring the regime's activities regarding preparations for a test of a new Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile.
Kim Jong-un has also appointed Ri Pyong-chol, who was in charge of building nuclear weapons, as the vice chairman of the commission.
By promoting personnel who are in charge of strategic weapons systems, experts say the regime is essentially backing up its threats with credibility.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.
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