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Red Cross Societies Come Together in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic Updated: 2020-03-31 17:01:19 KST

Fighting the coronavirus requires people to socially distance themselves, but it also calls on community members to help one another - and that's exactly what's taking place all around the globe.
To answer the call for help, a network of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers have stepped up to support and shield people in need. Teams around the globe are doing everything they can to aid their communities and the Korean Red Cross is no exception.
It's been distributing emergency relief items like masks, hand sanitizers, meal kits and prevention kits to at-risk individuals.
But, that's not all.
I have Kim Juja and Lee Young-jo from the Korean Red Cross to share their stories as the nation and the world battles the novel coronavirus.
Welcome both to the program.

The Korean Red Cross has been distributing emergency relief items to healthcare professionals, COVID-19 patients, those under quarantine, in cohort isolation, and the at-risk or vulnerable.
What are some support and aid given by to these people by the Korean Red Cross during this difficult time?

You communicate on a daily basis with 15 relief teams nationwide for COVID-19 response measures. What do they need the most on the front lines?

Healthcare providers all across the world are suffering from a severe shortage of personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and gowns. Have you been able to bring aid to these healthcare workers?

South Korea has also received masks from other nations when it was at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Who were the main donors?

The Red Cross has been carrying out various quarantine and preventive measures and providing counseling, as well. Tell us all about it.

COVID 19 is spreading fast around the globe and as global health experts echo in one voice, the virus does not discriminate age, gender, race or nationality.
Up north on the Korean peninsula, North Korea has all hands on deck to keep COVID 19 at bay.
It's completely shut down its borders with the outside world since January, suspending all international flights, train services and shipping.
Joining us live from Malaysia is Mohammed Mukhier, Deputy Regional Director of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Mohammed, thanks for joining us.

First off, has the IFRC provided any relief on COVID-19 to North Korea?

How is the IFRC working with the North Korean Red Cross?

You've worked with North Korea as an IFRC attache, yourself. You've visited North Korea. When a global health emergency of such a scale breaks out, what does a state like North Korea with its healthcare system need the most?

Thanks, Mohammed for speaking with us this evening. We appreciate it.

The International Federation of Red Cross has called for worldwide emergency assistance as global solidarity is key in such times as the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic.
What is the Korean Red Cross' stance?

Thank you both for coming to our program this evening to share your stories. We appreciate it.
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