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2020 Olympics Postponement: Ramifications Around the Rings Ed Hula Updated: 2020-03-24 17:34:52 KST

A day after the International Olympic Committee said it would take four weeks to review the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on this summer's Tokyo Olympics including possibly postponing the Games a few IOC members have been telling various media that the Games would be postponed until 2021 with the details to be worked out.
The remarks come as a growing number of countries including Canada, Australia, Norway, Portugal and Germany have called for the Games to be postponed.
Is the Summer Games being postponed and what are the ramifications?
Joining us live from Atlanta, Georgia is Ed Hula, Editor and Founder of Around the Rings, publication that extensively covers Olympics news - the go-to source for Olympic bid information.
Ed, thanks for joining us.

Atlanta, Georgia

The IOC on Sunday announced that it would take the next four weeks to review a number of scenarios regarding the Games, including possible postponement, and hoped to have a decision at the end of the four weeks. But, we're hearing from various IOC members that decision has been made that Tokyo Games will happen in 2021 instead of this summer. What can you tell us?

How unusual is this that the Olympic Games is being postponed?

What kind of ramifications do we expect from the postponement of this sporting event that comes around once every four years? First of all, for the athletes who look forward to and train for this event perhaps all their lives?

What about for the sponsors and the host nation? What does it mean? What happens to those who have already bought tickets?

What would it mean for the spectators, athletes, host nation and everyone involved to prepare for a delayed Olympics?

Ed Hula, Editor and Founder of Around the Rings, on the postponement of the Summer Olympic Games. Thanks Ed for the coverage.
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