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Number of COVID-19 cases in S. Korea exceeds 2,000 Updated: 2020-02-28 16:15:44 KST

South Korea has seen an uptick over one thousand coronavirus cases in the last 48 hours driving the national tally more than 23-hundred.
Again, the majority of the news cases are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.
Also, in Daegu, an infantry army division is also under a group lock-down after one of its member is found to be connected to the religious group, Shincheonji.
The group has been at the center of the the explosive surge in cases in that city.
And, we're just learning that South Korea and China are both advising students against returning to university in each other's countries. Seoul's education ministry just announced that they have agreed to do with their counter Beijing counterpart.
So, Chinese studetns don't return here for the time being and South Korean students don't return there. 68-thousand Chinese nationals were expected to come to South Korea to study in the next few weeks.
Right. For more on the latest let's connect with our Lee Kyung-eun at the Arirang News Center.
Kyung-eun, please fill us in.

That's right. South Korea confirmed 5-hundred-71 more cases on Friday.
That brings the total number in the country to 2,3-hundred-37.
The figure has nearly doubled in just over three days.
The two-thousand mark was been surpassed in just thirty-nine days since South Korea confirmed its first case on January 20th.
More than 80 percent of the new cases are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.
Daegu alone has more than 1,7-hundred cases.

Also, the 50th Infantry Division of the South Korean army in Daegu is under lock-down or so-called "cohort quarantine",after one of its trainees was found to be a member of the religious group Shincheonji.
That group has been the source of the massive rise in cases over the past couple of days.
It is unclear whether the trainee is infected but he has been quarantined in hospital and is awaiting test results.
Some 15 other trainees who've shared the same building are quarantined in individual rooms.

As you said, the major clusters of cases are coming from Daegu,and many are linked to the religious group Shincheonji.
The spread began with the country's 31st patient, a Shincheonji follower, who was confirmed to have the virus in Daegu on February 18th.
To curb the rapid spread of the virus in that area, the Korean government is tracking down all Shincheonji's followers.
It has obtained the complete list of the group's roughly 3-hundred-10-thousand members.
One-third of members have been identified, and among them, some one,six-hundred people were discovered to have symptoms and are currently under self-quarantine.
Another one,two-hundred are waiting for their test results.

But cases are being reported elsewhere, including one of South Korea's major corporations, Hyundai Motor.
How is rapid spread of the outbreak affecting industries?

One Hyundai Motor employee has been confirmed to have contracted the virus on Friday.
He has been working in the company's factory located in the southeastern city of Ulsan.
He and his family members are all reported to be members of the religious group Shincheonji.
There are around 3-hundred employees in the worker's sections, while all together, there are some 4-thousand workers in that factory.
The company has immediately suspended operations and carried out disinfection measures.
And those who've come into contact with said worker will be tested.
The company could see around 16 million dollars worth of damage to the company for suspending operations for just one day.

And the outbreak is also having an effect on the entertainment industry.
The K-pop boy band BTS has canceled its Seoul concerts scheduled in April due to concerns over the outbreak.
Some 2-hundred-thousand people were set to attend the four concerts, which were part of the band's world tour.
Big Hit Entertainment said on Friday that the decision is in line with the government's previous advice that the public should refrain from attending any large gatherings.
As for its North American tours that are set to begin on the 25th, the label says it will decide depending on how the outbreak unfolds.

Our Lee Kyung-eun with the latest on spread of novel coronavirus cases here in South Korea and its impact. Thanks, Kyung-eun.
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