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S. Korean researchers develop method of powering trains wirelessly Updated: 2019-12-09 07:17:08 KST

Wireless charging technology has changed the way we use our electronic gadgets.
Now, it's found its way into transportation thanks to researchers at the Korea Railroad Research Institute, who've succeeded in applying the technology to trains.
The developers have built wire-free electromagnetic rails, and trains that run on them have devices that automatically collect and harness the energy.
The devices use batteries that deliver the electricity needed to propel the train forward and they store any power left over.

Using this method, the developers were able to operate the train at a maximum speed of fifty kilometers-per-hour.
Plus, it only uses thirty percent of the energy needed by existing trains.

"The train takes energy from the rails when leaving a station, saving its battery power in those intervals. So there are no power leakages when the train stops. The power doesn't run out even though it makes the whole trip."

It also costs less to install the technology since it doesn't need wires or other infrastructure.
Developers say if applied to subways, it could reduce tunnel costs by five percent.

"We could drastically cut down the cost of building tunnels for the subway since we wouldn't need any wires. This technology would take the railroad business to another level."

Researchers will continue polishing the technology before applying it to highspeed trains, including the KTX starting in 2022.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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