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President Moon to discuss state affairs with 300 citizens in televised town hall meeting Updated: 2019-11-19 16:52:28 KST

President Moon Jae-in will soon hold a town hall meeting with the public, which will be televised live across the country.
A translated version will be available on Arirang TV and Arirang's social media channels live, starting 8 PM, Korea time.
But, let's first turn to our Park Hee-jun who is at the Blue House.
Hee-jun, what can we expect today?

President Moon's town hall meeting will begin in less than an hour, starting at 8PM, Korea time.
And for a hundred minutes, he'll be taking questions and feedback from 300 Korean citizens that have been pre-selected by the host broadcaster MBC.

The meeting was organized for President Moon to better interact with the Korean people, especially as he has recently entered the second half of his five-year term.
Today, he'll reflect on both the achievements and the shortcomings of his policies so far.
And he will also shed light on the future direction of various state matters.
It's going to last for over an hour and a half so we expect to hear the president's view on a vast range of issues.

It certainly will give the public a better understanding of the Moon administration's policy goals. But do we have any details on the topics that will be discussed during the meeting?

Not really, not until we actually begin the meeting.
There is no way of knowing what the audience will be asking the president.

President Moon will deliver some brief opening remarks.
Then, today's MC Bae Chul-soo, a well-known radio host and former singer, will randomly choose a member of the audience.
Whoever is picked will be given the chance to ask whatever they want to the president.
That can be along the lines of news headlines, such as inter-Korean relations or bilateral ties with Japan, or some rather sensitive issues like the recent controversy regarding ex-Justice Minister Cho Kuk.
But then again, because the audience consists of ordinary citizens
Questions could focus more on matters closely related to their everyday lives, like jobs, real estate or education.

So basically it's entirely raw and unscripted, with President Moon answering the questions on-the-spot.
It's his first live Q&A with the citizens.
But it's also an unprecedented format for any South Korean leader.
Former presidents have either received the questions beforehand, or had the episode pre-recorded.
Moon addressing the public's worries and concerns without any preparation, will make today's discussions that much more genuine and candid.

And I'll also be bringing the latest in our next newscast.
Back to you guys.
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