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Doosan Bears and Kiwoom Heroes clash in second game of best-of-seven Korean Series Updated: 2019-10-23 16:12:19 KST

The Korean baseball season is reaching its finale as Doosan Bears and Kiwoom Heroes clash for the second time today in the Korean series.
It is the finals of the South Korea's baseball league with Doosan up one game in this best-of-seven series.
Our Eum Ji-young is now on stand-by at the Jamsil baseball stadium for us.
Jiyoung, we can feel the cheering fever from here.

Hi , I’m here at Jamsil baseball stadium where we are about 40 minutes into the Korean Series Game 2 between Doosan Bears and Kiwoom Heroes. The weather is pretty chilly right now but you can feel the mood heating up at the sold-out stadium as Heroes and Bears fans cheer for their teams.
Even two hours before the start of the game, a lot of fans wearing their teams' uniforms were filling up the 25-thousand seat stadium.
Let’s hear from some of the fans.

"I always cheer for the Doosan Bears.
This year our team made a miracle in countries, we’ll make a miracle one more time in this year. Yeah. Go Bears "

"I stayed up all night because of work, but I came with my friend to support the Kiwoom Heroes because it's the first time in five years they've made the Korean Series.
I believe Kiwoom will win game 2 even though it lost game 1. Go Kiwoom Heroes "

We can see the crowd really soaking up the excitement. What's the score so far?

As of 7 PM , it was (the bottom of the 1st inning.)
At the moment, (the Doosan Bears are ahead x-to-nothing),(the game is a tie with a no score draw) but there is plenty of time left in the game.

On Tuesday, the Bears edged out the Heroes 7 to 6 in Game 1 at Jamsil Stadium, the home of the Bears.
The Heroes came back from a 6 to 1 deficit to level the scores but Oh Jae-il of the Doosan Bears came through with a game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth inning.
Tonight, Doosan's right-hander Lee Young-ha takes to the mound and Kiwoom's left-hander Lee Seung-ho starts the game.
Some spectators say offense hasn't been a problem for both teams but they will have to shore up their defense.
It is the first time in KBO history that two Seoul teams are competing for the championship title.
That's all I have for now. Back to you, .
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