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Autumn foliage in South Korea to peak from this weekend Updated: 2019-10-18 07:13:59 KST

Time now for our "Life & Info" segmentwhere we focus on information useful for your everyday life.
Today we're talking about the season's biggest attractions in South Korea the autumn leaves.
For more, we have our Kim Mok-yeon in the studio.
Mok-yeon~ you look like you're ready for autumn

Hi Mark haha, yes I love autumn Not only because of the cool weather but also because of the lovely autumn colors.
Today, I brought some information on the special gift of nature that we can only enjoy around this time of year. The autumn leaves

I can't believe its autumn already~ I also like/dislike this season + so,.. when will we be able to see this special view?

Well, it actually depends on where in Korea you are.
Several mountains already saw their leaves start to change color two weeks ago, and according to a weather expert, from this week, we will be able to see the peak of the autumn leaves in many areas.

"The change in the color of the leaves spreads down from the top of the mountain at a speed of around 25 kilometers per day."

We normally say the foliage has reached its peak when more than 80 percent of the leaves on the mountain turn red, orange and yellow.

So tell us the schedule If I didn't have to work this weekend, where could I go?

For this weekend, mountainous regions in the northern part of Seoul and in Gangwon-do Province will be the most colorful
If you take a look at the screen, Seoraksan and Odaesan mountains will reach their peak this weekend, while those near the capital area will be the most beautiful next week, and southern regions such as Hallasan mountain on Jeju island will reach their peak in early November.

So, there's a lot of places where we could enjoy the beautiful view of the leaves, do they have any unique characteristics?

Well actually, every mountain seems to have its own charm.
Seoraksan, which is the third highest mountain in South Korea, is known for its bright red colors because of the maple trees.
Because of this, it's one of the most visited spots during this season.

"It's really amazing. I feel like this year, the colors were even more vivid. I had a wonderful time."
Meanwhile, over at Odaesan mountain, visitors can enjoy soft pastel colored leaves as the mountain is surrounded by various types of broad leafed trees.
Down south at Naejangsan mountain, small baby leaves surround the area and there's some 13 different types of trees.

I want to visit sometime. Sounds refreshing for the soul. But Mok-yeon, while many people can enjoy this special autumn view, there are others who want to tour around but are unable to.

Yes Mark, because of that, there's some good news for people who cannot walk easily.
Woraksan National Park in Chungcheongbuk-do Province is operating a special trail without stairs or obstacles in the way so that people in wheelchairs can tour around the area.
It's also a good place for senior citizens to walk with their cane, and for mothers to walk with their babies in their strollers.

"I usually don't have the courage to climb mountains because of the stairs and bumps. But I think I could come here often because we can tour around with the wheelchair.

Good idea. So how many of these trails do we have in South Korea?

Currently there are 42 such trails in some 20 national parks around the country. Korea National Park Service says it plans to expand such facilities so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful landscape.
It aims to create 5 more trails in the Jirisan, Odaesan and Bukhansan mountains by the end of this year, hoping to make 68 special trails by 2023.

I hope they can accomplish their goal. As always, thanks, Mok-yeon.

My pleasure. Thank you, Mark.
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