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Typhoon Tapah to bring heavy rain and strong gusts nationwide Updated: 2019-09-22 14:15:46 KST

We begin with the latest on the typhoon that is currently in waters near Korea's Jeju Island.
The 17th typhoon of the season Tapah is expected to travel northward, affecting the southern coastal regions of the country.
To get some more updates, let's connect to our Kim Jae-hee who is coming to us live from Gwangalli Beach in Busan, where strong gusts and heavy rain have already swept in.
So Jae-hee, what's the latest?

Hi, Soo-young. I am at Gwangalli Beach in Busan, where the typhoon is expected to pass through later tonight.
High waves are being seen due to the strong wind, and as the typhoon approaches, I can feel the rain getting heavier by the minute.

As of 3:20 PM, the storm was located some 110 kilometers away from Jeju Island.
It is tracking in a northeasterly direction away from Jeju Island and edging towards Busan, packing winds of up to 126 kilometers per hour.
Typhoon warnings have been issued for Jeju Island and a few southern regions of the country, including parts of Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do provinces.
According to the latest forecast, the typhoon is expected to pass over Busan later tonight at around 10 PM.
It will then be near Korea's easternmost islets of Dokdo by around 3 AM Monday before moving towards Japan.
Heavy rain of up to 660 millimeters has already fallen in some parts of Jeju Island, and even now, the downpours are continuing.
There have been some casualties.
A 72 year-old woman was found dead after a home collapsed in Busan late last night, due to strong winds, and two people have been reportedly injured as well.
More than one thousand homes were without power in Jeju Island from 11AM to 2 PM Sunday.

Public safety is the top priority, of course. What kind of safety measures are in place at the moment?

The interior and safety ministry raised its typhoon alert status to its second highest level, after the storm strengthened into a medium-sized typhoon on Saturday.
Also, the Geoga bridge connecting Busan and Geojedo Island has been closed off to all traffic as of 11 AM Sunday.
The city of Busan is currently operating a 24 hour Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, staffed by 40 personnel.
The Port of Busan has been closed since Saturday, and vessels have been moved to safe docking areas.
The city of Ulsan also issued its highest typhoon alert, while the entrance to Hallasan Mountain has been closed off.
Many flights have been canceled at Jeju International Airport and elsewhere across the nation, including Gimhae, Gimpo, and Incheon International Airport.
That's all I have at the moment, but I'll keep you posted. Back to you.
Reporter : jhee@arirang.com
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