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Nation under direct impact of the typhoon Updated: 2019-09-07 12:51:36 KST

Now let's connect to our Michelle Park at the weather center for more details on Typhoon Lingling. Michelle, how far has the typhoon come up the peninsula?

The 13th typhoon of the season 'Lingling' is heading north at 40 kilometers per hour.
Between 2 and 3 PM, it will have the greatest impact on the capital region, with stronger wind and rain.
At this rate, the typhoon should make its way into North Korea by around 5 PM and further head northeast into Russia before dissipating by noon tomorrow.

As the typhoon travels quickly, the typhoon alert has been lifted from Jeju island but there could still be strong winds.
Meanwhile, the western part of the country is still under a warning while the eastern regions are issued with an advisory.
So please take the necessary precautions to avoid being harmed by the storm.

The typhoon is expected to go easy on the rain but it's blowing in some strong winds at about 110 to 180 kilometers per hour.
Most regions are expected to receive up to 40 millimeters of rain through the day while up to 60 millimeters are expected in the southeast of the peninsula.
That's all for now, back to you.
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