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Typhoon Lingling hits Korean Peninsula Updated: 2019-09-07 16:18:54 KST

Our top story today Typhoon Lingling is passing by South Korea after causing damage to the southern and western islands and coastal areas.
As typhoon warnings are in place for some parts of the country, emergency authorities are strongly advising people to refrain from going outside.
To hear more about the powerful typhoon, we have our Kan Hyeong-woo, who is in Incheon.
Hyeong-woo, how's the atmosphere over there?

Mok-yeon, So I'm standing here at the Yeongjong Bridge Service Area. As the main route from Seoul to Incheon International Airport, the bridge is divided into upper and lower parts. But as you can see behind me, the upper level has been blocked off due to safety concerns with the strong winds blowing over the bridge. ( )

The wind here in the western part of the country is much more powerful than in central Seoul.
Earlier we were at the Banpo Hangang Park and when we were changing location to here by Yeongjong Bridge, we could feel our car being shaken by the extreme wind.
Weather experts say the biggest threat from this typhoon is its strong winds, rather than the rainfall.
The maximum windspeed of Lingling has gone down a little compared to yesterday, but it's still powerful enough to uproot trees and flip over cars.
In fact, we actually saw a tree getting knocked down by the wind earlier.
Although the tree was not uprooted all the way, it's been torn apart showing the strength of the wind.
As you mentioned Mok-yeon, the typhoon warnings have not been lifted in northwestern parts of the country.
Emergency authorities are advising people in those regions to refrain from going outside as there is a danger of being hit by flying objects.
You can also feel how fast the typhoon is moving by looking up at the sky, where you can see the clouds drifting at a noticeable pace.
A sudden gust of wind could be dangerous especially for the elderly and the young. ( )

Even with the storm passing by, it is still very dangerous as you can see the strong winds here. Please do stay indoors until it has completely passed and typhoon warnings are lifted from your area. Be safe and keep following the news to get the latest updates.
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