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Hong Kong protesters set fire to barricades and block roads to Hong Kong International Airport Updated: 2019-09-02 07:12:47 KST

Clashes between Hong Kong police and pro-democracy demonstrators continued over the weekend, with protesters blocking travel routes to Hong Kong International Airport.
For more on this and other news around the world, let's turn to our Kim Da-mi.
Da-mi, give us the latest.

Hong Kong protesters moved their fight for greater democracy to Hong Kong International airport on Sunday to draw global attention to their struggle.
Thousands of protesters set barricades on fire and blocked roads and public transport links to the airport.
Twenty-five flights were cancelled.
A group of protesters also pulled down a Chinese flag outside a municipal swimming pool and burned it, in a challenge to the authorities.
Some even wrote 'CHINAZI' at a bus stop,implying the current Chinese government is similar to Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.
Several hundred people also gathered outside the British Consulate in Hong Kong, waving Union Jack flags and chanting "God save the Queen."

Despite Hong Kong activist leaders being arrested, the pro-democracy movement only seems to be growing.
Students from 10 Hong Kong universities plan to go on a unified class boycott for two weeks starting on Monday.
A general strike participated in by workers in over 21 industries including finance and aviation will also take place on Monday and Tuesday.
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