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Autumn monsoon arrives in the southern region, heavy downpour in Jeju Updated: 2019-08-26 16:35:10 KST

The weather in the capital was very comfortable today. However, Jeju Island has been drenched by some heavy downpours.

For more details, let's turn to our Michelle Park at the weather center, Michelle?

Autumn monsoon has begun to wet the southernmost island of the peninsula today which will expand up to the south of Chungcheong-do provinces by tomorrow.
As for the rest of the country, it will linger mostly under overcast skies tomorrow.

The rain cloud is expected to be strengthened by the water vapor left by the 11th typhoon Bailu that dissipated in China today.
It will possibly bring up to 300 millimeters of rain in Jeju and up to 120 millimeters along the southern coast until Wednesday.

The morning temperature will mostly stay mild.
Seoul beginning the day with 23 degrees Celsius, most of the southern regions similar or even cooler.
Meanwhile, Jeju still expected to experience tropical conditions tonight.

During Tuesday afternoon, Seoul will mark 30 degrees though, whereas Daegu, Busan and Jeju hit 28, 27, and 29 degrees respectively.

The rain in the south and Jeju will go on and off until Thursday whereas the capital will have moderate weather with occasional cloud cover at times.
Later in the week, we can expect bigger temperature gaps between the highs and the lows.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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