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Seoul vending machines offer cash for recyclable cans, bottles Updated: 2019-08-19 07:09:40 KST

Customers at this particular store are busy inserting used aluminum cans into reverse vending machines, while others are taking off the labels of used plastic bottles before pushing them inside the machines.

This is a waste recycling store in downtown Seoul that offers credits for used aluminum cans and plastic bottles. An aluminum can is worth fifteen points while plastic bottles are worth ten points each.

Customers can use their credits to buy mostly upcycled items at the store, such as clothing and accessories,. or exchange them for cash.
The minimum amount of credits required is 2-thousand, which are worth 2-thousand won, or roughly one.seven U.S. dollars.

"Many people don't recycle because it's burdensome or they just don't know how. But places like this could help them recycle more often."

"Under the slogan 'Waste is money and recycling is fun,' we're trying to make people see the hidden value of waste and how recycling is fun."

The startup venture behind this business said it opened the store as a testbed to see how upcycled items can appeal to customers.
While the store was originally planned to be opened for a few months, the firm said it has received many positive reviews from customers so far, so there is a good chance that even after it closes on September 5, a permanent store will be opened later in the future.

Choi Si-young, Arirang News.
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