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1,400th Wednesday rally in front of Japanese Embassy in Seoul held in global solidarity Updated: 2019-08-14 10:01:48 KST

The weekly Wednesday rally against Japan's wartime sexual slavery is taking place in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul for the 1,400th week.
Hundreds of people have gathered to call for justice and stand with the victims in Seoul and there are also rallies in 34 cities around the world to show support and global solidarity.
Our Lee Min-sun is at the weekly rally in front of Japanese Embassy.
Min-sun, what's the atmosphere like there?

Hi Ji-yoon, hundreds of people gathered here well before the weekly rally which just started at noon to call for Japan's sincere apology to the victims of wartime sexual slavery during World War II.
The rally has been going on every Wednesday for 27 years and today is the one-thousand four-hundredth rally.
That's quite a remarkable number, but that also means that the victims of Japan's wartime sexual slavery, often known as comfort women, still have not received a sincere apology and appropriate compensation from the Japanese government despite all those efforts.
Only 20 of the victims are still alive, and they are all very old, mostly in their 90s.
This week's rally is held under the theme of backing the victims' voices and urging the Japanese government to hear their voices.

In addition to being the 1,400th rally, today, August 14th has more significance for the victims. Can you tell us more on that?

This week's rally falls one day before Korea's National Liberation Day.
And today, August 14th, was also designated by the Korean government as the International Memorial Day for Comfort Women last year.
It marks the day when the late Kim Hak-sun, one of victims made the first testimony in front of the public in 1991.
This week's protest also got more attention and attracted a larger number of participants partly because of a recent trade row with Japan and the corresponding boycott movements in Korea.
And the urge for justice and the correct recognition of historical atrocities is something that goes beyond borders.
Let's hear from participants.

"Japan should take the initiative to solve this issue and Japanese people need to know the truth. The Korean victims didn't want to become comfort women for money but the Japanese government is hiding the truth."

"It's my first time participating at the rally because it's school vacation. I was interested in the comfort women issue. If we don't correct the issue now, the same problem will happen again. That's why we need to do this kind of movement."

During the 90 minute rally, participants will make remarks to show their support and remember the courage of the victims to speak out.
And the organizers will share a letter of solidarity from a North Korean group which was delivered on Monday.
To show global solidarity, similar rallies and events are scheduled in 13 cities in Korea and 21 cities in 9 countries around the world including the U.S., UK, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan.
That's all from me at this hour. Back to you Ji-yoon.
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