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Hong Kong International Airport resumes flights on Wednesday after 2 days of mass disruption Updated: 2019-08-14 07:03:03 KST

Our top story this morning,
The chaotic protests at Hong Kong International Airport have cooled down today with only a few demonstrators in the terminals, for now at least.
The airport was shutdown periodically on Monday and Tuesday due to a massive rally over police aggression.
For now though, flights are said to be operating normally.
We have our Choi Si-young on the line.
Si-young, what's the latest?

Well Mark, according to reports, the airport resumed its normal operations early this morning.
Currently, airport officials are rescheduling the timetable of flight arrivals and departures.
Most of the protesters at the airport on Tuesday have left, and only a few remain, although it's possible they might come back later.

On Tuesday, small confrontations and scuffles between the protesters and police occurred, with police deploying tear gas to disperse the crowds.
Local police say they detained five demonstrators at the airport on charges of battering police officers and carrying weapons.
But, as I mentioned, it's still unclear whether all flights will come and go as scheduled due to the possibility for more protests.

So, aside from the status of the airport and the rallies, leaders around the world are growing increasingly concerned about the Hong Kong protests, what are we hearing from them?

Well, Mark.
On Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter, saying that U.S. intelligence agencies had informed him "that the Chinese government is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong."
He went on to say that "everyone should be calm and safe," in a clear reference to concerns that China may attempt to intervene.

The UN human rights chief also denounced the violence on Tuesday and called on Hong Kong to talk to its people.
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, called for a "prompt, independent, impartial investigation" into alleged excessive force by police against the protesters.

The EU has expressed similar thoughts.
The spokesperson for the European External Action Service, which is the EU's diplomatic arm, urged all sides to refrain from violence and calm down.
The spokesperson highlighted the need for all sides to come together for "talks."

Back to you, Mark.
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