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In-depth: Global market wrap-up Updated: 2019-08-09 13:22:56 KST

It's time now for an in-depth look at the global markets on this Friday, and for that I'm joined here in the studio by Dr. Kim Sei-wan, professor of economics at Ewha Womans University.
Dr. Kim, thank you for coming in today.

Thank you.

When Japan announced the details of how it's going to regulate exports to Korea from now on, it did not add any more products to the most strict category like the three semiconductor products it had already announced. And it has approved the first shipment of photoresist. So, in view of that fact, is Japan backing off this trade war a little? What's their strategy?

One of the ways the Korean government has responded to Japan's actions is to announce a huge increase in investment in R&D for products like semiconductors and displays so that Korea doesn't get stuck like this again. How effective will this be in the short and the long-term and what do you think needs to be done?

President Trump, as he long said he would, this week labeled China a currency manipulator. What led him to this decision and what's he trying to do?

The Chinese yuan crossed the psychological barrier of 7 yuan to the dollar for the first time since the financial crisis. Why does 7 yuan matter?

If America and China are now in a currency war, surely that's going to have a big effect on Korea. What effect will it have, and what can be done about it?

Alright, Dr. Kim. Thank you so much for your insights today. We appreciated your coming in, as always.
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