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Japan's latest measures from foreign experts' perspectives Updated: 2019-08-02 16:56:47 KST

Let's dive deeper into the latest move by Japan by getting some expert analysis.
And for thatwe connect to Waqas ADENWALA, Asia Analyst for The Economist Intelligence Unitwho joins us through Skype.
Mr. ADENWALA thank you for your time today.

Thank you.

1. First of all, how do you gauge the impact of the 'whitelist' removal on South Korean firms and the South Korean economy?

2. It's widely believed that Japan's first and second round of export curbs against South Korea will not only affect the South Korean economy, but also the global economy by affecting the global value chain. Many also point out that the moves will eventually backfire on Japanese firms. Your thoughts?

3. South Korea is planning to take the issue to the WTO. How do you expect things to play out at the global body? Would South Korea be able to gain an upperhand in resolving the trade issue?

Mr. ADENWALA that's all we time we have for you at the moment, Thank you for your insights.
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