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Reasons behind prolonged heatwaves around globe Updated: 2019-07-25 16:58:41 KST

Summer has been synonymous with vacation, beaches, and fun, but as of recent, what was once the season of dreams is now one full of unbearable humidity and heatwaves.
Here in Korea, the monsoon season will soon be over, but forecasts are hinting at blistering heatwaves to come next week.
So just how hot will it get this summer. and what's causing the Earth to get hotter every year?
For more on this, Professor Sohn Byung-ju of School of Earth and Environmental Science at Seoul National University joins me in the studio today.
Welcome to the program.

Great to be here.

1- Starting next week, we're expecting the summer heat to scorch down on us even more with that in mind, how hot do you think Korea will get as opposed to last year?

2- So when does a heatwave warning get issued?
Do they take the humidity level into account when issuing these warnings?

3- Korea has been known for its four distinctive seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. but now it seems that's not really the case anymore with both Summer and Winter beoming longer and more severe.
What's going on here?

3a- What exactly is causing such changes in temperatures?

4- And obviously, rising temperatures and frequent heatwaves are not only Korea's problem considering that other countries around the world have been witnessing similar situations.
How hot has the Earth become over the years?

5- Can we forecast which regions are going to experience extreme heatwaves this year?

6- With problems like climate change and global warming becoming more serious,..what are the dangers of Earth's temperature rising even just one degree Celcius?

7- We're in need of further research into this field to tackle climate change and global warming.
So what are experts putting as possible solutions?

8- How is Korea doing its part to tackle climate change and what countries have been setting good examples in fighting global warming?

9- As an environmental and science expert, how dangerous is the heatwave to humans?
How does it become fatal?

10- Last but not least, what are some preventative measures that could help us cool off?
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