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24 hour emergency support available in Korea for migrant women facing domestic violence Updated: 2019-07-19 07:08:55 KST

Time now for our "Life & Info" segment where we focus on information that is useful in everyday life, whether you are in Korea or elsewhere around the world.
Today, we focus on how women who have migrated to South Korea can receive support in their native languages, especially in emergency situations.
This has been a hot topic after video of a Korean man abusing his Vietnamese wife went viral online.
We have our Oh Soo-young in the studio. She's been covering the issue this week.
So, Soo-young, if a foreign woman in Korea is facing abuse or violence, it may be difficult to call the police right away if their Korean isn't fluent enough. Walks us through the first steps that should be taken.

The first thing she can do is call the Danuri Helpline at 1577-1336.
It's a hotline that's open 24/7, and offers help in 13 languages, including English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai and Russian.
The call center will help you take the case to the police, with an interpreter, and even connect you to an emergency shelters if you find yourself in an especially dire situation.
So if you are a foreign woman in Korea, and you've been abused, violated or threatened in any way, not just by your partner, please phone the police or Danuri Helpline if you're not fluent in Korean.
Again, the number is 1577-1336.

It takes courage for victims of domestic violence to speak up and leave an abusive relationship even in their home country. It must be even more daunting if you are in Korea alone without any support network or basic language abilities.

Well, there are 28 emergency facilities and shelters in Korea that help migrant women and their children,
where women and their kids can receive protection and support for up to two years depending on their circumstances.
In order to recover both physically and emotionally, therapy, counseling and medical care is available at the shelters and through local organizations.
To help women start rebuilding their lives, local organizations also offer interpretation, information about job opportunities, job training, as well as legal advice.

"We aim to help migrant women settle in Korea and learn about their human rights. We do this by providing information about Korea, legal information and so on. We hope they will also help other migrant women."

Right. The aim is to help them integrate better into Korean society, given that they can remain in the country.

Yes. And that goes for all migrant women, not just victims of domestic violence.
For those who would like to be more active, learn Korean, and develop friendships, you can join communities like DAMO which is run by a Mongolian woman who was Korea's first politician of foreign descent.

"It's crucial for migrant women to leave their homes, socialize and find sources of income. We get together to learn the Korean language together, organize cultural activities to share our diverse cultures with Koreans, and these days, we're focusing on diverse job opportunities."

Local governments are working with communities like these to help migrant women develop professional skillsets for quality jobs.

"While most migrant women in Korea tend to take on simple work like cleaning or working at restaurants, Seongnam City is offering training in medical tourism, so they can turn their native language skills into a specialized profession in interpretation. We think their language skills and the city's growing industries can create a great synergy effect."

"We are learning about the medical tourism industry and special terminologies, then we'll start practical training. It's a great career opportunity to help people from our countries who visit Korea for medical treatment."

Well, it's good to know there are various organizations and outlets for migrant women to turn to here in Korea. Hopefully, we'll see more in the years to come.

Once again, if you need general information about life in Korea or legal advice, OR you are going through domestic violence, call Danuri helpline at 1577-1366.

Thank you for your report today, Sooyoung. Very important information.

Thanks for having me.
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