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Officials from S. Korea and Japan sit down for talks over Tokyo's trade restrictions Updated: 2019-07-12 17:29:13 KST

First working-level talks between South Korea and Japan took place in Tokyo todayover Japan's export curbs on high-tech materials to Seoul.
We connect to our business correspondent Hyesung Kim on the line.
So Hyesung, what was the agenda and how did the meeting go?

Daeun, the meeting kicked off at 2PM at Tokyo's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
This was in fact the first meeting between South Korean officials and Japanese officials since Tokyo's trade restrictions went into effect last week.

Two working-level officials from Seoul's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and two from Japan's equivalent sat down for talks.
However, while South Korea called it a meeting, Japan played it down, saying it was a quote-"briefing session", not a formal negotiation.
In fact a paper sheet written with words briefing session was posted on a chalkboard.
Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary said it as much this morning, that it's a briefing session to explain Japan's stance on why it imposed the trade restrictions, on three key materials used to make chips and displays by South Korean companies.

The meeting started without a handshake or a formal greeting.
If you look at the footage, it's apparent that the Korean delegation was given little hospitality, ushered into a small room with garbage still on the floor and chairs piled up behind.
The meeting did take longer than expected.

South Korea's trade ministry was supposed to hold a press briefing at four thirty PM but as talks lasted longer than expected, there has been no official announcement by the ministry about what was discussed as of now.
Heading into the talks, South Korea said it will demand an explanation for the trade restrictions and evidence for Japan's allegation that South Korea illegally exported sensitive items to North Korea, while calling on Tokyo to lift the trade restrictions.
I'll have updates for our next newscast when further details of the talks are announced.
Back to you Daeun.
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