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Carrie Lam apologizes but Hong Kong citizens vow to continue protests Updated: 2019-06-19 13:10:21 KST

Hong Kong's under-fire leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday announced the end to the controversial extradition bill which she pushed,.. and then postponed, after it sparked one of the island's biggest protests since the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

"I have announced that we will suspend the legislative exercise and immediately that afternoon we put a stop to the legislative exercise by informing the legislative council that the bill would no longer proceed to second reading debate. (cut) I said and I undertook that if we do not have that level of confidence to address those anxieties and fears and differences in opinion, we will not proceed with the legislative exercise again."

Despite previously calling the protests "a riot", Lam carefully reworded her remarks, this time saying the protests were "peaceful".
But despite her latest public apology, she refused to resign, saying she will instead continue to work for the people of Hong Kong.

"As I have a five-year term as chief executive, soon I am going to have my second anniversary of my office towards the end of this month. I still want to do a lot of work in the future."

Despite the public apology, student activist Joshua Wong,.. who on Monday was released from jail after serving a two-month sentence for contempt related to his earlier protests, joined the mass protest immediately.
He vowed to continue fighting, just like he did during the Umbrella Movement five years ago.

"In the next one to two weeks, civil disobedience and also different kind of actions might be the plan that happens soon. What we mean is, for this movement compared to the Umbrella Movement five years ago, is more leaderless and also it becomes more organic, at the same time, more de-centralized."

The position of Chief Executive is not elected by the citizens of Hong Kong, but instead chosen by a 12-hundred member committee.
The Umbrella Movement of 2014 called for democratic reforms to the process, but they were eventually rejected.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.
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