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Latest developments on Hungary boat sinking Updated: 2019-06-11 17:05:39 KST

Thank you for that update. Now let's hear more about the salvage operation and other remaining issues, this time straight from the Danube River.
For that we go to Zoltan SIPOSHEGYI, a foreign affairs correspondent at Euronews Hungary.
Thanks for joining us.

1. Efforts to lift the wreck began about 5 hours ago today. What are you hearing about the salvage operations now, particularly about the lifting process as well as what the authorities have learned so far from the emerged wreck?

2. Judging from the current process, when is the salvage operation likely to be completed and what are some of the remaining procedures after the salvage operation?

3. What's the latest on the investigation of the Viking Sigyn's captain? We're hearing that he still denies the charges against him and is pushing for a bail.

Thank you Zoltan, once again for your special reporting. Let's hope that the remaining four victims can also be recovered soon. Zoltan SIPOSHEGYI of Euronews Hugary live from Budapest for us tonight.
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