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More bodies found as boat is raised from the Danube Updated: 2019-06-11 16:12:19 KST

We begin with the latest on the tourist boat that sank last month in Budapest, killing around two dozen South Koreans.
Crews have managed to raise the boat to the the surface of the Danube, and more bodies have been recovered from inside.
Let's now connect with Arirang's Ko Roon-hee for the details.
Roon-hee, fill us in.

Work to salvage the boat is underway as is a search operation.
And as you can see from the video footage, most of the boat is visible on the water's surface now.
The authorities, including Hungary's Counter Terrorism Centre, started raising it at around 7-AM local time.
And more importantly, during the process, more bodies have been found in the wreckage.
As of 7:45 AM, one body had been found, believed to be the Hungarian captain.
And South Korean news outlets are reporting that three South Korean bodies were found on the boat as welland the identification process is underway.
One is believed to be a child.
So the previously announced numbers of deaths and casualties are likely to change in the hours to come.
A total of 35 people were on the boat that day.
7 of them survived, and the rest are dead or missing.
With the bodies newly found on the boat, the death toll is now raised to 24with 4 still missing.

And I do want to point out the salvage operation itself is taking longer than expected.
It was temporarily paused earlier in the day, because unexpected damage was found on the boat's stern.
So they had to attach an additional cable.
The boat sank on May 29th almost immediately after a cruise ship hit it from behind while passing under Budapest's Margit Bridge.

It seems like the salvage operation over in Hungary will continue.
Any announcement from the South Korean government?

Seoul's foreign ministry said on Tuesday that officials will try their best to find all the missing people.
The ministry said that the work to salvage the boat is focused on preventing bodies from being swept away.
Officials say Korea has requested that the Hungarian authorities thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and punish the person responsible.
According to Reuters, the captain of the cruise liner, a 64-year-old Ukrainian, is being held as a suspect.
His lawyers said he is devastated but that he did nothing wrong.
That's all I have at this hour.
Reporter : krh@arirang.com
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