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How 5G will change the future (Part 3) Updated: 2019-04-29 17:52:25 KST

So a lot of issues to work through. But in terms of moving forward, how competent is South Korea in terms of 5G technology?

Well, Korean firms are up against strong competition from the U.S. and China. But experts say Korean companies have high potential to become a leading player down the line.

"It's a mix of things The demographics are helpful by having population grouped in dense cities that makes it easier to deploy. By having a very good fibre optic infrastructure already. Having the right culture of being interested in adopting new technology. And having Samsung which helps as they're both a supplier of network equipments and handsets so they can help drive both sides of that market place."

Experts say Korea is especially advanced in terms of developing highly precise detection technologies based on 5G which can be applied in virtually any industry from smart factories and driverless cars to medical devices.
The global market for 5G industries is expected to hit about one trillion dollars by 2026.
So the Korean government earlier this month announced its plan to grow Korea's 5G sector into an 158-billion-dollar industry by that time.
I'll be introducing some of the most promising sectors with the rest of my series this week.

We certainly look forward to seeing that. Thanks for coming in today, Sooyoung.

Thanks for having me.
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