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Life & Info: Korean gov't to boost recycling through easy-to-recycle packaging Updated: 2019-04-23 07:12:16 KST

There are two types of labels that go on plastic bottles.
One is the traditional adhesive label,… and the other comes with perforated lines, making it easier to remove.
It would seem that the latter is better for the environment, but consumers must remove the labels in the recycling process as recycling companies can't.
Companies here separate labels by using float-sink tanks,… but locally-made labels with perforated lines are made using materials that sink.

But, in an effort to boost the rate of recycled products like plastic bottles, the Ministry of Environment has made amendments to packaging standards.
Under the revisions, the ministry will rank packaging products by how easy they are to recycle.
It will classify nine packaging products including plastic bottles, glass bottles and paper cartons …into four grades - the best, good, fair and bad.
The ministry will provide tax incentives to companies that make recycling easier in line with the rankings, …with the top rank given to colorless plastic bottles with easy-to-peel labels.

The government will also seek business agreements with related industries within this year …to boost the production of those best-ranking plastic bottles.
And to ban the use of colored plastic bottles, which are difficult to recycle, …the government is looking to further revise regulations in the second half of this year.
From 2020, all plastic bottles produced to store drinks and water are expected to be colorless.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.
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