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K-pop stars Seungri & Jung Joon-young released after overnight police questioning Updated: 2019-03-15 18:00:33 KST

K-pop star Seungri, who has been accused of arranging sex services for potential business partners, was released this morning after 16 hours of questioning by the police.

Speaking to the press as he left Seoul Police headquarters, the former BIGBANG member said he promises to sincerely cooperate with the police even by delaying his military service, which was due to begin on March 25th.

"I will officially request to delay my mandatory military service today. If allowed, I will delay military enlistment and diligently cooperate with the investigation until the end."

Singer and TV star Jung Joon-young, who was questioned on the same day as Seungri, also spent the night at the police station.

Returning home after 21 hours of questioning over his alleged illegal filming of his sexual encounters, Jung mentioned that he surrendered what he has called his 'Golden Phone,' which he reportedly used only for messaging.

"I have turned in the center of attention, the so-called 'Golden Phone,' and I have told the police everything truthfully."

Earlier on Thursday, the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office announced that Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office will now investigate the cases of the two K-pop stars, as it was requested by Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on Monday.

According to the police, another group chat involving Seungri and Jung Joon-young made around July 2016 mentioned that a high ranking police official “had their backs."

Although the title of the official was misstated in the message, police have confirmed that the official is a police commissioner-general.

In addition to the two K-pop stars, other Korean artists including Yong Jun-hyung and Choi Jong-hoon have retired from Korea's music industry, as they have also admitted to watching videos of Jung having sex with women without their consent.

And as more messages and group chats are uncovered, the K-pop sex video scandal is deepening by the day.

KIM Da-mi, Arirang News.
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