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[Issue talk] What tasks lie ahead following breakdown in N. Korea-U.S. summit? Updated: 2019-03-04 12:32:55 KST

For more, we have Professor Song Se-ryeon from Kyung Hee University joining me in the studio today.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said that President Donald Trump had suggested a big deal to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He also said that complete denuclearization includes its ballistic missile program and its chemical and biological weapons programs. What do you think the "big deal" entails?

Bolton also called North Korea's concession involving the shutdown of the Yeongbyeon nuclear complex "very limited" in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. What's your view on Yeongbyeon as a bargaining chip?

Do you think we should take note of the fact that it's actually John Bolton that's speaking of this "deal." He's a hardliner on North Korea, and given that he made no public remarks at the summit, how should we be looking at his presence back on the scenes regarding North Korea issues?

South Korea and the U.S. have kicked off a new week-long combined exercise that replaced their major Key Resolve drills. It's scaled down compared to the usually two-week Key Resolve exercise. Now North Korea has long been critical of the joint exercises, calling them "war games." What did you make of the announcement especially at a time when the Hanoi summit broke down?

President Trump has cited the drain on funds for the reason behind the decision -- saying the move will save the U.S. hundreds of millions of dollars. He also said that scrapping military exercises is a good thing as it reduces tensions with North Korea. Do you think it will have any implications though, even in terms of military readiness?

Do you think the decision by the defense authorities will be another factor that can stimulate the denuclearization efforts on the Korean peninsula? What response do you think North Korea will make?

Now President Trump has his plate full in terms of domestic issues as well, not to mention his former lawyer's testimony. He made a speech at a conservative political conference over the weekend which lasted almost two hours. The majority of that speech focused on domestic issues, while on North Korea, just about five minutes. We can clearly see that North Korea issues will not be his top priority, but what do you think will be Trump's next move regarding Pyeongyang?

North Korea's state run media outlets have been providing extensive coverage of the Hanoi summit as well as the leader's goodwill visit to Vietnam. It still hasn't reported on the breakdown of the summit though. I'm sure the regime won't call it a failure, but also there's speculation over what move Kim will make next. What do you expect?

The two sides now know how far apart they are on the issue -- and now South Korea is in a position where it has to mediate the talks. President Moon convened a meeting of the National Security Council Monday, where he said that Seoul's role has become important. He called on his aides to draw up measures so both sides can narrow their differences, and expedite the denuclearization process. What can President Moon to do get the talks going again?

The top nuclear envoys of Seoul and Washington will meet in the coming days to discuss what happened at the Hanoi summit and plan their next moves. It's likely going to be the beginning of restarting the denuclearization talks. What sorts of discussion do you think will be needed between the allies going forward?

Thank you for your insights.
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