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[ISSUE TALK] Eyes on summit agenda with N. Korea-U.S. summit only week away Updated: 2019-02-19 12:37:45 KST

For more, Dr. Go Myong-hyun , a research fellow from the Asan Institute for Policy Studies joins us in the studio today.

There's now just about a week left before the Kim-Trump summit and eyes are on how the joint statement will shape up and what sorts of deals it will contain. CNN reported that the two sides are seriously considering an exchange of liaison officers. How far do you think negotiations on this have taken place based on this report, and would this be a first step to establishing new North Korea-U.S. ties?

Under the 1994 Agreed Framework -- better known as the Geneva agreement based on where it was signed -- North Korea and the U.S. had agreed to open liaison offices that would eventually be upgraded to the ambassadorial level, although the plan fell through. Do you think the second summit will be an opportune moment to get those plans going again?

We still don't know where the summit will be held, or at which hotels the leaders will be staying. A high possibility for the summit venue is the Vietnam National Convention Center -- where the 2010 ASEAN Summit was held. Another option that's being speculated is the Hanoi Opera House -- which was built during the French colonial era. What significance do these two venues have?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's de facto Chief of Staff Kim Chang-son -- is stepping up preparations in Vietnam. As he is a key official in charge of protocol, wherever he visits gets lots of attention as those places could end up being visited by Kim Jong-un. Instead of flying straight to Hanoi, the official went there via Guangzhou, and while in Hanoi, also visited the Vietnamese border with China.
Given that Kim Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il also made a visit to Guangzhou, known for reform and economic development, back in 2006 -- do you see a potential visit by Kim Jong-un himself?

What's the likeliness of Kim Jong-un opting for a land-route when heading to Vietnam?

U.S. President Donald Trump will likely face scrutiny back at home should the summit fail to bring about substantial progress towards the North's denuclearization, and depending on the concessions he makes. But if he is able to make convincing progress, it could strengthen his footing at a time when he's got a string of domestic issues to deal with. With that in mind, do you think he will be seeking a breakthrough on this front?

There has been speculation that the U.S. is trying to send a message to China by traveling to Vietnam,.. especially at a time when Washington and Beijing are engaged in a trade war. How do you see it?

Vietnam is also stepping up preparations of its own, giving the summit a lot of media coverage, as well as setting up a press center for international reporters. What are the benefits for Vietnam of hosting the summit?

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday said that he expects great development towards the normalization of Pyeongyang-Washington ties and denuclearization. Now his comments come amid concerns that the summit may only produce a small deal. He is expected to talk with President Trump over the phone soon -- what do you think will be discussed -- and do you think it will give us an idea of what to expect?

Thank you for your insights today.
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