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Experts at Pyeongchang Global Peace Forum to discuss global peace-related issues Updated: 2019-02-10 09:03:45 KST

A year ago, the South Korean town of Pyeonchang was hosting the Winter Olympics and to expand its legacy of peace and reconciliation it hosted a global forum on peace this weekend, bringing together experts from around the world to exchange ideas that'll hopefully go beyond the Korean Peninsula.
Our Won Jung-hwan has been covering the forum since it opened yesterday, and he joins us from the venue.

Hi Ji-yeon, continuing from day one,… experts in the field are reviewing different cases from around the world and the prospects for peace.
And until the forum ends tomorrow, they'll be looking for ways to end confrontations and build a sustainable future.

The Pyeongchang Global Peace Forum is composed of 6 substantive sessions in which participants can share their experiences and discuss common issues and challenges which will be part of the framework of next year's Pyeongchang Agenda for Peace 20-30.
The 6 sessions are covering various global issues including disarmament, poverty, gender and human rights.
Each topic is touched covered in-depth by experts in the field to come up with promising and long-standing agendas under the name of Peace.

And among the many topics covered today,… I've managed to get a minute with an expert in the field of Inter-Korean cooperation, professor Song -- to ask one core question about the issue. So, how can we link the inter-Korean cooperation to the global peace?



Thank you professor. The forum will wrap up tomorrow with a draft framework that will eventually be adopted as the official Pyeongchang Agenda for Peace 20-30.
That's all from me at the Pyeongchang Global Peace Forum.
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