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'Peace Concert' held in Gangneung to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of PyeongChang 2018 Updated: 2019-02-08 18:13:23 KST

A year has passed since a North Korean art troupe performed in front of a South Korean audience on the eve of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
To commemorate the one-year anniversary of that event, a 'Peace Concert' is being held in the country's eastern coastal city of Gangneung.
Our Won Jung hwan is coming to us live, at the scene.
Jung hwan I remember you were there just a year ago, what is the atmosphere like today?

Hey Daniel Indeed, exactly one year ago, I was right here reporting on the historic visit by a North Korean art troupe, the first time they had set foot on South Korean soil in almost 16 years.
Returning here to Gangneung, some things appear to be more or less the same, for example, the weather is freezing cold, just like it was a year ago.
However, there have also been some changes,… one of which is that the North Korean art troupe that performed right here at the Gangneung Art Center last year won't be attending this year's festivities.
The Gangwon-do provincial government had asked for North Korea's participation, but claimed they received no replies from Pyeongyang.
That's slightly unfortunate, but there's no need to feel down, because the atmosphere from last year will be recreated through the performances of renowned musicians from both home and abroad.
At the 'Peace Concert', which has just kicked off behind me here,… the Prime Philharmonic Orchestra will perform their own stylized redition of a Korean folk song called 'Arirang'.
In front of an audience of 900 South Korean citizens, they will orchestrate both the South and North Korean versions of the folk song featuring top-class musicians such as soprano Im Sun-hae and violinist Kim Da-mi.
Following this performance by local artists,… the concert's theme of peace will be further evoked by a performance from Amal, an internationally renowned duo comprising of an Israeli and a Palestinian pianist.
So with the start of today's peace concert at Gangneung,… various events including the Pyeongchang Peace forum are slated to run until February 17, under the overarching slogan of "Again PyeongChang ".
That's all from me today, but I will be back tomorrow for more on these events commemorating the first anniversary of PyeongChang 2018.
Back to you Daniel.
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