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New wearable robots for severely burned patients Updated: 2019-02-07 10:07:52 KST

A rehabilitation session is taking place for a patient who suffered a severe burn.
And what differentiates this session from others is that the patient uses a newly-developed wearable device designed to help her get back on her feet, literally.

The device, developed by a team of researchers at Sogang University, enables patients to strengthen pivotal muscles for walking, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings.
The device can also be adjusted to function at various speeds, allowing wearers to customize their rehabilitation sessions according to their capabilities and needs.

"The device helps patients to go beyond their limits in regards to movement and ability to bend their legs. It paces up the recovery sessions for patients who are learning to walk again."

According to the developers, the device is specially designed to help out patients with intense burn injuries.
Third degree burns often tightens the skin, severely reducing flexibility and making it difficult to move the joints.

The researchers also say the device makes the rehab exercises more convenient and safer for both the patients and physiotherapies.

"We know there are far fewer cases reported of patients falling down during their rehab sessions while trying to use walkers, air casts or other equipment. We also use the device to help patients strengthen their core muscles to boost their balance."

With the medical wearable device market slated to be worth more than fourteen.three billion dollars by 2022 in Korea, the developers are aiming to come up with more products and technological developments that can help patients heal faster and get their lives back.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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